At Equity Wall Systems, we believe that ensuring the safety of our employees, other contractors and any other suppliers to our job sites is an obligation to take seriously. We believe safety is not a competing priority with schedules or profitability; it is a company value to be maintained.

At Equity Wall Systems we recognize that the provincial regulations are minimum standards to be rigorously upheld and exceeded where best practice dictates and where the safety of workers is not assured.

We believe that safety is everybody’s responsibility, every minute of every day on every job. Our goal is to create and sustain an environment and culture where everybody understands, accepts, and actively shares in this responsibility.

Equity Wall Systems we commit that every reasonable effort will be made in the interest of accident prevention to provide for safe and healthy working conditions, to eliminate hazards that can cause injury to workers or damage to property and equipment, and to promote a culture of shared accountability.


Equity Wall Systems is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We regularly review our operations to ensure all rules and regulations have been met and exceeded where practical. It is our policy, given a choice to follow work procedure including disposal options, which have a minimal impact on the environment. This includes reviewing our supplier’s policies and procedures.